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Soup Kitchen for the Soul



Author: Renee J. Crosby

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Soup Kitchen for the Soul combines testimony with a challenging scriptural foundation and follows it with specific guidance on how you can get out of your church and make a difference in your community. Each chapter builds on a Bible story and the author’s personal experience, and ends with thought questions, and then action questions. References include specific ways in which you can take action on what you have been studying in the book. This book is suitable for personal or small group study, or could be used effectively by an entire church to transform their ministry. In the introduction Crosby says: “Upon entering Seminary, I was required to serve in the community and begrudgingly accepted my assignment, choosing to serve in a soup kitchen. While serving in the soup kitchen, God revealed himself to me in a profound and miraculous way. It was in restudying the scriptures with this new heart knowledge of God that allowed me to see a message of a mission for His people that we lack a connection with today. I began asking, ‘What if … What if I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand the whole mission God has planned for us? What exactly are we supposed to be doing? Where in the Bible can we find directives on our missions for God? What if I wrote a book about radically new old ways of doing the gospel?’” Soup Kitchen for the Soul is that book.


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