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Which Voice Will You Follow: Hearing and Answering Christ’s Call



Author: William Powell Tuck


Even when it comes to our faith, voices seem to come from many directions, urging us to follow them. How do we decide what is real and what is false?

Christian voices are mixed with fundamental certainty to agnostic Christianity, biblical literalism and inerrancy to prosperity gospel, the only true church to come as you are and leave as you came invitations, narrow-minded beliefs to anything goes philosophy, or an eternal quest for the truth with an openness to a growing faith.William P. Tuck

Prolific writer, William P. Tuck, brings his insight from years as pastor and mentor. He pulls no punches and seems to look the leader right in eye with his candor and desire to bring each person closer to the real deal, Jesus Christ. This book is a comprehensive presentation of how to live the Christian life faithfully with an effective witness to the world around us.

How God speaks, the temptations that distract us, praying, hearing God answer in various ways, are all part of Tuck’s sharing. Jesus called us to be Light and Salt. What voice will you follow to be Jesus’ Light?


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