Give us this day

The  line, “Give us this day our daily bread,” is so appropriate in todays’ world.  With the economy flucuating, cost of living rising, folks living without insurance and insurance companies being incredibly greedy it seems as though simple living has gotten lost.  We could change our lives drastically if we lived each day on what we needed for that day.  It would save some for tomorrow and would prevent us from accumulating incredible debt on items that are wants and not needs. 
Even our spiritual lives would improve if we only took what was needed for today.  If we didn’t worry about tomorrow (wow, that’s a scriptural concept!) and we didn’t spend our time bemoaning the past (or glorifying it), we would be able to be more grateful for today. 
I love to watch people.  People fascinate me.  I have seen a young woman spend too much on something that she just had to have and then be terrified the next day when she cannot pay a bill.  There is a young man who is so goal oriented and consumed with succeeding at everything that he struggles to be grateful for what he accomplished today.  These are merely two examples that I see repeatedly in the lives of people.  No one is targeted here!
Challenge yourself on all fronts to only take for today what you need for today.  Use this way of life emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.  This does not mean that you do not plan for tomorrow or prepare for the future.  It does not mean that you can be lazy, oblivious, and complacent.  It does mean that you will determine to live life more simply and take only today what is needed for today.  Don’t waste energy, time, and thought on what is not needed now.  We do not need to hate someone.  There are many times we do not need to be angry – we are either afraid of losing something or someone failed to meet our expectations.  We do not need to be consumed by work or career or the past.  We do not need to lose today because we are so intent upon tomorrow. Receive only what you need for today.

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