Charting a multi-faith course

by Robert R. LaRochelle

What advice would you offer to couples who are in interreligious situations? What might be some ways of navigating through these differences successfully?

CrossingIn A Home United, I offer several suggestions for dealing with this reality. I would love to read what you have to say. In addition, if anyone has concrete, real life experiences you would like to share, I would really encourage you to post them.
I need to say, however, that ‘interreligious situations’ covers a multitude of possibilities. One might mean Christian-Jewish, Catholic-Protestant, believer-agnostic or atheist, Buddhist-Muslim, Jewish-Hindu, or a good number of other possibilities. I would be very interested in having us share personal experiences or comment on what we have learned in real life pastoral situations.
By way of self-disclosure, as I say in this book and in Crossing the Street (Energion), I am a Protestant clergyperson and I am married to a Roman Catholic. In Crossing the Street, I detail a lot of my journey. This journey includes the movement in my own life from active ordained Roman Catholic to Protestantism. In A Home United, I touch upon these questions I ask here. I believe sharing from your personal experience can really enliven this conversation and I look forward to reading and commenting upon what you have to say!!

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  1. I want readers here and those who read A Home United to understand that when I write about marriage, I affirm both heterosexual and,same sex marriage. ALL marriages deserve serious reflection and preparation. Bob

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