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Shauna Hyde: Touching the Face of God

by Rev. Shauna Hyde, is a pastor, mother, a black belt in Shota Khaun karate, and author of Victim No More!Fifty Shades of Grace, and Vicar of Tent Town.
This is from Shauna’s blog, shaunahyde.com, May 12, 2016.
MountainReligion is my life. It really is that simple. I not only live it, I study it, teach it, and practice it. I am fascinated by religion and all that comes with it. I have acquired many friends from other Christian denominations and other faiths and I have been present with them in their holy moments just as they have been present with me in mine. At my United Methodist ordination was a Buddhist, a Wiccan, a Jew, several Roman Catholic nuns, and a Pagan.
I love being at Native American ceremonies and feel the beat of the drums vibrate through the earth into my soul. I love hearing the chant and the wail of the singers late in the night around a fire. Sitting in a Buddhist or Hare Krishna temple listening to the bowls, bells, and soft chants calms my body to peace and stillness. I have been present to bring in Beltane and watched with fascination as the practitioners dance, sing, run, play, pray, and celebrate new life and the cycle of life. There is something about watching a new moon rise in the dark of night that is beautiful and hope-full. Every Passover I go to a friend’s house to take part in the remembrance of their roots and the celebration of their freedom. Sitting around the table with the traditional food and symbols I listen as he sings in Hebrew and I can feel with spirit swell with joy and love. I know I will leave full of physical and spiritual nourishment as we say, “Next year, in Israel.” I have watched a ghost hunter speak to ghosts and a Native American cleanse a space. The call to prayer, bells ringing throughout the area, and the harmony of choirs remind me of the beauty of our duty in communing with God. In churches all around, I have listened to song, praise, prayer, chants, bells, organs, guitars, pianos, voices, and stillness. I love Communion and Baptism with a passion. Hearing the Lord’s Prayer said in mass still gives me the Spirit Skin. (Read More)
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