June 21, 2016: Tuesday Night Hangout is Back!

Rev. Matt Braddock
Rev. Matt Braddock
Dr. Bob Cornwall
Dr. Bob Cornwall
Tonight at 7p.m. CDT, Henry Neufeld will host a discussion on clergy support, with Academy of Parish Clergy President, Matt Braddock and Sharing the Practice editor, Dr. Bob Cornwall.
Google Link to the discussion.
YouTube Link to the discussion.
This will be a 30-minute discussion about how clergy can support each other and reach out across denominational and interfaith lines to serve their communities. It should be an interesting discussion with some new perspectives and, hopefully, some new ideas. There will be information about the 2017 Annual Conference for the Academy which will be held in Detroit, MI and anyone who is interested in learning about Academy of Parish Clergy can submit their name and address here in the comment section and a copy of the Academy’s newsletter, Sharing the Practice, will be sent to you.
Whether you are clergy or laity, bring your questions and ideas tonight and be encouraged!

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