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  • Where Is Your Allegiance: The Message to the Seven Churches


    Lay persons in the church might be forgiven for imagining that the book of Revelation cannot be understood. There are many different interpretive schemes proposed, and hundreds of variations within those schemes. But the reader who is willing to spend the time will find real treasures in the study of this book, and Paul Himes…

  • Which Voice Will You Follow: Hearing and Answering Christ’s Call


    Preview / Retailers Even when it comes to our faith, voices seem to come from many directions, urging us to follow them. How do we decide what is real and what is false? Christian voices are mixed with fundamental certainty to agnostic Christianity, biblical literalism and inerrancy to prosperity gospel, the only true church to…

  • Whispers of Rest in the Storm


    Can you honestly say that you know how to rest? Truly rest — physically, emotionally, spiritually? Devotions come in many styles and sizes. Some are like a bucket of cold water thrown at you in your bed, prodding you to wake up, get going, and meet the challenges of the day. Others give you something…

  • Who is Jesus? The Puzzle and the Portraits of a Divine Savior


    At Easter, major magazines and blogs publish articles claiming to tell us who Jesus was. Every few weeks we see a new book making similar claims. Is it possible to know? In Who Is Jesus, Allan Bevere addresses this question from the point of view of a person of faith who takes seriously the gospels…

  • Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?


    The Old Testament God generally has a rather poor reputation, even in Christian circles. But as the author points out, The Old Testament Scriptures can remain alive and will lead us to a fresh appreciation of all that God has done for us. Targeted to thoughtful readers, this book addresses a cluster of issues often…

  • Why Christians Should Care about Their Jewish Roots


    Why should you care about the Jewish roots of Christianity? Jesus was Jewish. Most of the Bible was written by Jews and in Hebrew. Most of the early Christian leaders were Jews. Even Paul, called the Apostle to the Gentiles, would visit the synagogue first and preach there, and he wrote with great passion about…

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  • Why Doesn’t God Do Something?: A Bold and Honest Look at the Eternal Question


    Many people have serious questions about whether prayer works and how it does. This book, based on 55 years of the author’s ministry looks at providing a way to ask challenging questions within one’s faith. “Through the course of over fifty-five years of pastoral ministry,” says the author, Dr. Ron Higdon, “many have come to…

  • Why Four Gospels?


    A short but thorough discussion of the order in which the gospels were written, challenging the dominant view, which is Markan priority.

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  • Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?


    Everyone is called to be a missionary, and that call comes at the same time as the call to follow Jesus. The church in America has come to depend on professionals to “do ministry.” In many churches, the pastor, paid to do the job, is the one who is expected to carry out all functions…

  • Worshiping with Charles Darwin


    Worshiping with Charles Darwin: Sermons and Essays Touching on Matters of Faith and Science, shows why and how we can logically and religiously embrace both. Dr. Robert D. Cornwall uses mind and heart, empirical evidence and Scripture to cogently guide pastors, theologians, lay leaders, and congregants through the troubling waters of one of the most…

  • Wounded by Truth – Healed by Love


    Speak. Don’t speak. Proclaim your faith. A private faith. Be wise as serpents. Be innocent as doves. Yes, Jesus’ teachings can often be seen as an excellent example of a paradox. Author David Cartwright shares his life long study of the gospels from elementary school through seminary and as a pastor. … the question, “What…