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Faith Never Stands Alone


How to Develop a Full Faith as a Bedrock for Life


Author: Ron Higdon

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The relationship between faith and action has troubled Christians since there have been any Christians to be troubled! Is there such a thing as faith without works? Can faith be grown, and if so, how?

Ron Higdon, drawing on a lifetime of ministry, experience, and study, sets out to help with these questions. He teaches that faith is a risky business, it is always connected to action, it doesn’t protect us from life’s difficulties and tragedies. In fact, it appears, faith can be hard work!

Each chapter includes introductory ideas with biblical sources, followed by reflection, a section of quotations to drive your thinking, a few conclusions and then thought questions.

This is a practical book designed and intended to help you live out your life as a Christian. It is suitable for individual reading and study, but also well laid-out for small group or Sunday School usage.


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