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God the Creator: Toward a More Robust Doctrine of Creation


A short discussion of the major issues and views on origins in Christianity with a more serious discussion of what might go into a Christ-centered doctrine of creation


Author: Henry E. Neufeld


What does it mean to believe that God is the creator? Are you required to dismiss the findings of modern science and the theory of evolution?

While Christians share a belief in “God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth,” they do not all agree on just when and how God created. Many are unaware of the many different views on origins that are held by Christians and on the theological implications of those beliefs.

This book discusses the basic Christian beliefs on the origins of the universe and of life, but then moves forward to provide some pointers toward a more robust doctrine. It is very difficult to be truly neutral, and the author does not attempt to do so. Rather, he attempts to speak in such a way as to foster further discussion.

Key topics include biblical interpretation, the relationship of written revelation and study of the created world, the fall, sin, and redemption, including the glorious purpose God has for all creation.

It is suitable as an introduction to the issues involved in this debate.


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