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The Fringe



Author: Renee J. Crosby

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One woman comes to break the silence and mystery of a secret society which she joined at age 23, The Fringe. Her life in The Fringe was unexpectedly one of being judged, caged into a stereotype and shamefully condemned. Once an opera singer, her life seemed to spiral into an inescapable pit. Her stories will surprise and intrigue you as she introduces you to people she met. “I cannot continue to live with the shame, judgment and persecution from my life in The Fringe. I am tired of carrying the burden of our invisible existence among you. I will not hide our secrets, and refuse to be silent any longer. It is time you knew our stories and the truth of who we really are. It is time to give a voice to those of us in The Fringe.” In the end, as she educates us about their plight, she hopes to build a bridge between the ignorance of society with compassion and an awareness for who we are – The Fringe.


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