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The Heart Cries Out: A Participatory Study Guide on Selected Psalms


A deeply devotional study suitable for small groups or individual study. It will deepen your understanding of the Psalms.


Author: David Moffett-Moore

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How can one approach the Psalms in order to get the most benefit from that study? There are many, many answers to that question.

In this guide, Dr. David Moffett-Moore approaches the Psalms with the mind of a scholar, the heart of a pastor, and the soul of a poet. He leads the student on a path of study that is directed toward changing one’s life and way of thinking, rather than simply coming to an intellectual understanding of what was said.

The book consists of seven weeks of lessons, each one covering a range of Psalms. These are selected to cover the various categories of Psalms, and the discussion is aimed at understanding how to make use of these Psalms in one’s personal spiritual life and also in corporate worship. Each lesson concludes with reflection, discussion, action, and prayer.

While this book is designed for small group study, it is suitable for individual study of the Psalms as well.
It will also provide significant help to a pastor planning to preach from the Psalms.


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